Everyone Deserves a Beautiful, Comfortable Home

Sometimes all you need is a re-fresher course on your very own furniture and accessories. We'll show you new ways to use the familiar items you have loved in the past.


You know that pile of accessories you picked up three years ago, the one that's still sitting in the corner of your bedroom? Waiting for the inspiration truck to hit you?  You've been wondering where to place it, or how to add it to your new family room. Sometimes shopping isn't the answer. Let us be a fresh set of eyes to find new life in the things you already have.  


We've all been there. We like our rooms just so. But have you thought about moving that table here? Or moving your loveseat over to that side of the room?  Changing up your existing furniture placement can be loads of fun! Let's kick off our shoes, roll up our sleeves, and move some stuff! No risk involved; we'll keep tweaking until the finish is fabulous! 



These types of projects are so fun! We'll take some of the tried-and-true and sprinkle in a few new pieces, for a look that is uniquely you! Re-working your existing furniture with new accessories is a great way to freshen up a space on a budget. We'll help you see what you have in a different light. This is the perfect service for the client who is ready for a few simple changes!